Senior Electrical & Security Systems Ltd are proud to announce accreditation to the SSAIB. Our Security division specialises in CCTV installation, Access control and Intruder Alarms and we install these to the SSAIB’s high Industry standards and recommendations.

CCTV is now an accepted method of crime reduction, protecting public spaces, businesses, domestic properties and even vehicles. Modern day systems now give instant alerts when trouble occurs. This means theft and vandalism are substantially reduced.
There are solutions to fit all applications from domestic properties and the small corner shop, to the office block, hospitals, museums or public spaces. CCTV systems are now used not just for crime detection but also health and safety and production monitoring.
Remotely Monitored CCTV provides 24-hour protection. Monitoring centres can carry out remote patrols or can be alerted by event driven activations triggered by motion or detectors and other sensors. Remote operators can observe activations live and if required can give an audio warning, alert emergency services or initiate other procedures set out by the client. They can also review recorded images remotely.
In addition to detector activated CCTV, remote viewing also offers other benefits such as remote control of devices such as gates, barriers and lighting etc. This is all done through the CCTV equipment. Remote CCTV monitoring is now more cost-effective alternative to manned guarding.








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